Acorn Bank Barn and Pigsties

Forming part of the mill complex at Acorn Bank the grade 2 listed bank barn and pigsties are owned by the National Trust and were in need of significant consolidation to prevent collapse. Failing roof coverings had allowed moisture penetration to develop wet rot in the structural timbers which had in turn, along with quite poor original construction, allowed destabilisation of the masonry envelope. JCA were commissioned to record the structures and to schedule out repairs which would see the roof coverings and roof structure replaced, internal timber floors repaired and masonry walls consolidated by rebuilding and re-pointing.

acorn bank barn before works began

The pigsties before conservation repair works began. The landscape had started to take over the structures that were falling into severe disrepair.

The pigsties following repair work. A new roof structure and covering fitted along with extensive repairs to the masonry walls and pointing

acorn bank barn

The completed bank barn with new roof, re-pointed walls, new internal floors and rainwater goods

Substantial rebuilding of the external walls was necessary to ensure the structural stability of the building when the new roof was added

The works were completed under cover of a temporary scaffold roof to protect from the inclement weather of a Cumbrian autumn. The new structure was replaced to replicate the original detailing

The repaired building is to be used as an educational space for visitors to the wider mill complex

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