Sarah is a PLACED Ambassador

Practice Architect Sarah is delighted to announce she has recently become an Ambassador for PLACED.

PLACED specialises in place education and engagement, developing knowledge and community insights into the built environment.

As an Ambassador, Sarah will be supporting PLACED in delivering education and engagement activities that;

– Increase well-being, raise aspiration and increase people’s sense of ownership of where they live

– Enable young people from all backgrounds to be able to better access careers in the built environment, develop young people’s skills and support youth voice.

– Empower communities, enabling them to engage with, influence and shape their built environment

– Raise awareness of the impact of design in the built environment on quality of life

– Diversify the voices influencing the design of the built environment

– Equip people with the tools and confidence to actively engage with professionals and decision makers

… All through a creative and collaborative approach. Placed work with all age groups, but have a particular specialism in working with young people.